Prince Rupert is the gateway to vast wilderness, filled with wildlife that can often be spotted on sightseeing tours.
In Prince Rupert, cruise passengers will discover a part of Canada where the diverse mix of interests and backgrounds create a rich culture very much in tune with its natural surroundings.

The town is filled with unique and exciting shore excursion opportunities. The Museum of Northern BC showcases the history of this magical town, while the Cow Bay shopping district offers visitors a chance to explore the gift shops and galleries.
Wildlife is plentiful here and tours through the region offer the chance to catch a glimpse of grizzly bears, whales and countless other coastal creatures. Eco-tourism has taken off as well; Prince Rupert has become a centre for sport fishing, jet boating and ocean kayaking.

Prince Rupert boasts more than ten thousand years of living history. First Nations people lived here for millennia before European settlers arrived. Then, in 1910 it was incorporated and named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, the first governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.